Monday, January 23, 2012

the daily universe--an evolving paper.

On January 12, The Daily Universe newspaper announced that they will no longer be printing daily, something they've done for decades. They are now transitioning to a daily website ( with a weekly print newspaper. How do I feel about this? Well let me tell you.

Maybe it's just that I'm more of a romantic, but I would prefer cuddling up with my cocoa, blanket, and newspaper than I would with my computer. Obviously, I know this is not the case for everyone, but I love being able to hold the newspaper, to turn the pages of it, rather than click for the next page on a computer screen.

"This new digital-first format will include texts, images, audio, video, mobile and tablet app formats, and we will continue to explore other news applications," said Susan Walton, associate chairwoman for student media. (Read more:

I'm not saying that the Daily Universe isn't going to continue to be successful, but I think numbers may be down for a while. I do acknowledge that the transition is a wise move, journalism is constantly evolving and this is a good way for our campus newspaper to keep up with the times. As I trudge the pathway between class and the library, I grab my daily newspaper to go and read it when I have time. Now whenever I have time I can jump online and read up on what's going on in our little campus society.

Not to worry, I'm sure next week I'll be on the bandwagon, embracing the new format. After all, we can always change and develop too, right?

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