Monday, March 19, 2012

got journalism?

With all of the different tv shows and movies there are to watch, news channels struggle to find its place among viewers. With all of the books, many of which are good, intellectual books, who wants to read the newspaper? Who even has time to participate in journalism, or wants to participate in journalism? One of the problems facing journalists today is that viewers, readers, etc. are more interested in different entertainment services provided than they are in journalism. To combat this, stations and newspapers are turning more toward being more entertaining, not serving the public as well as they should; this, in turn, makes people lose trust in journalism.

With journalism turning into more of a business, journalists themselves also lose trust in their career.
Many journalists feel that it is a noble profession and want to do good in the world with their careers. As they get into their careers, fresh out of college with their dreams and aspirations to do good and to inspire change, they get into a world where journalism is actually a business; they need to do what sells, what gets viewers.

What helps with this is when the journalist makes his/her work both engaging and relevant; this is the solution I propose. While this will not solve everything, I sincerely believe that this would help to get more viewers, and help to restore trust in the profession. Maybe even manage to make it a more noble an honest profession.

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